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  • xiongdi(toy)

    Chenghai Shantou point into a brother plastic factory is a development, production, sales in one of the more than the size of the toy Enterprises, specializing in the production of various types of remote control cars, toys and other building blocks. We

  • Liutan(T-shirt)

    The company has a production area of 100 thousand square meters, in Bozhou, Jiangsu, Sihong, Kampuchea, Anhui has a production base, respectively, the production of home service, children's clothing, knitted garments, shirts, casual clothing, home supplie

  • Hongye(women germent)

    The company has successfully run red "red" brand occupation, "Ying Xun gentleman culture club" 3D personalized custom men's brand, "Han" elegant mature women's brand, "Ma Wei" electric light retro women's brands, four brands of good lattice racing togethe

  • Sensheng(Cap,Hat)

    Production of leather, carpets, bed blankets, automotive supplies, baby supplies, interior decorations, mainly exported to Europe, Japan, the United States, Australia and other countries and regions, by domestic and foreign customers.

  • HUishang(toy)

    To provide customers with products and services: intellectual toys, children's toys, crafts, gifts. Products through the national 3C mandatory certification.

  • tianran(diamond)

    Natural diamond tools factory was founded in 1999, is a company specializing in R & D, production and sales of diamond tools in one company, more than and 10 years has been focused on the development of diamond tools, and the creation of the registered tr

  • yizhi(cookies)

    Each food food manufacturing lead the world's most advanced technology, the company mainly produces products with marshmallows, cotton candy, licorice, tablet (powder sugar), toy candy and so on, is the only designated image bears the copyright Chinese pr

  • yizhiding(food)

    Company to "health, safety, delicious and convenient" for the purpose of gathering the essence of traditional Chinese philosophy, with modern fashion, and gradually form a bad drunk aquatic products, rice products, pickled vegetables, the characteristics

  • yinshu9food)

    Ningbo Yinshu Food Corporation Limited , set up in 2001, located in the east of China,Zhejiang province. We have 20 years experience in producing frozen vegetables & fruits, we are the pioneer in premium quality frozen vegetables processing in China. Over

  • dali(food)

    The Daly group focused on the food industry, food and beverage industry structure formed the two pillars in the. With the brand promotion mode platform, high density, three-dimensional, enhance brand image, its "Park cakes," delicious "biscuits," may BIC

  • wanxing(food)

    Shandong Province million Hing Food Co., Ltd., is the focus of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, the country's first major ginger export. Its flagship brand "Ginger boss" in 2008 was named ginger products specifically for the Olympic gam

  • guangming(food)

    Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bright Food) is a comprehensive food industry group with a complete food chain - an assemblage of modern agriculture, food processing and manufacturing, and food distribution. Bright Food achieved

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  • Enrui(Office equipment)

    Serein Metrology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd is a Swedish hexagon Metrology Technology Group (Hexagon Metrology AB) a holding company engaged in R & D, production and sales of precision coordinate measuring machine, image measuring instrument, altimeter and other

  • SanFeng(metering device)

    trustworthy enterprises In order to make the majority of customers to restore the trust of Mitutoyo, Mitutoyo from the board of directors to the staff to strengthen the spirit of everyone, to the new Mitutoyo group concept system for the basic, to build

  • heBe(Analysis instrument)

    The company possesses of a group of talented personnel specialized in software, hardware, mechanical or chemical engineering. Relying on advanced and complete testing equipments and devices, the company ensure its products in stable properties, reliabilit

  • qizheng(medicinal)

    In the field of development of Tibetan medicine, Tibetan medicine has 73 approval number, including wet plaster, medicine bath essence, traditional Tibetan medicine three series of Tibetan medicine products, preparation of adhesive plaster, covering rubbe

  • shenguang(Precision motor)

    Company plant area of three thousand and five hundred square meters, has a group engaged in precision micro motor application development, production and quality control Industry professionals, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality control system

  • yuneng(technology)


  • yishenghua(tool)

    Yi Trading (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. sublimation (hereinafter referred to as Yi sublimation) Department of the British Yi Shenghua (Essentra PLC) 100% wholly-owned subsidiaries, is located in the Yellow Sea Beilun District of Zhejiang province Ningbo City No. 99

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  • huifengda(titanium pigment)

    Jinan Hui Feng Da chemical Co., LTD. Is a private shareholding fine chemical industry enterprises, mainly engaged in API series products, pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and so on the deep processing the development of products

  • jinguilin company (methylamine)

    The company specializing in the production of methylamine: two methylamine trimethylamine (>99%); provide cycle lease one or two and trimethylamine cylinder; with one or two cylinders, trimethylamine professional transport team; THF (99.95%| = tetrahydrof

  • jinanaote company(dimethyl sulfoxide

    Our main products are: 5000 tons of two tons of dimethyl sulfoxide, 70 thousand ethanol, 6000 tons of sodium chlorate, as well as chemical dissolution additives are: two formamide, dimethyl formamide (DMF), N- methyl formamide, ethylene glycol, diethylene

  • shandongjincheng(Petrochemical products

    Group assets structure is excellent, the oil refining production equipment supporting scientific and reasonable, peripheral storage and transportation, environmental protection and other facilities, enterprise management norms, efficient, showing a good m

  • Xinye(Buckwheat metres; buclcwheot grains;)

    The subsidiary company Altai Newfield Buckwheat Co., Ltd. is located in Barnaul City Altai Kray Russia, has the ability to purchase, process, and sell Russian raw buckwheat of about 5000 tons annually. The parent and subsidiary companies Ningxia Newfield

  • Dalianruiyang(soy)

    Richchem International Trading Co.,ltd was set up in 2003, and Registered fund is RMB10,000,000. The headquarters is located in the nice and coastal city -Dalian,China. AS the leading company in the local trading circle, RICHCHEM mainly do the export and

  • xiangrui(fabrics)

    Wujiang Xiangrui textile factory is engaged in the textile industry for many years, has been 10 years of history, the main production and wholesale, specializing in the production of superfine fiber as the main raw material for textiles, such as high-grad